Cadmatic & SCA Obbola: For the next 15 years and beyond

In 2001, SCA Obbola had all their P&IDs in an old system that was going to disappear from the market. The company wanted to have a more sophisticated system for P&ID as well as tools for 3D design. Christer Björk, who is now the project engineer and Cadmatic administrator at SCA, introduced and recommended Cadmatic based on his knowledge and experience with the software in an earlier project in 1998.   In 2001, around 230 existing P&ID drawings and paper copies were imported into Cadmatic. Today, all P&IDs of the Obbola plant are managed with Cadmatic Diagram. Including Cadmatic Diagram, more than 10 modules are being used at SCA Obbola now.

Since 2005, all SCA plant projects have been in 3D and have been forwarded to Cadmatic. The 3D model is a “master document” so it is no longer necessary to store piping layouts or isometric drawings in document management system. Cadmatic eXchanger for PDMS is used to convert 3D models from PDMS to Cadmatic.  Thanks to the distributed design functionality, external design supplier companies are able to work directly in SCA Obbola’s 3D model and database via replica servers. The master server is located at Obbola. Cadmatic Laser Scan Modeler scans and models existing plants at SCA into 3D.

“I am very sure that eShare will be a great success for both of us, SCA Obbola and Cadmatic. For us as a user and for Cadmatic as developer and provider of the solution”, says Peter Brunesson, IT-manager SCA Obbola AB

Cadmatic Information Management Solutions have contributed to the smooth workflow at SCA.  eBrowser has been used for design review in projects and eGo, the mobile version of eBrowser, has was taken into use in the autumn of 2015. SCA Obbola started to use eShare in 2016 for maintenance and process operators. P&IDs are published from Diagram to eShare to ensure easy access for process and maintenance staff. Besides, SCA links eShare to other software such as SAP and Sitebase. Every night models from the 3D modeler are publishing to eBrowser and eShare, which allows users to see modifications from the day before.