PulpEye delivered dynamic drainage analyzer to Solenis LLC

Photo: PulpEye

Solenis LLC recently purchased Dynamic Drainage Analyzer (DDA) No. 100 from PulpEye. The DDA is a dynamic drainage tester which gives drainage values comparable to drainage in a wire section. The tester is used by paper and board producers as well as chemical and filler suppliers around the world. With the aid of the DDA, drainage conditions for different pulp mixtures, refining levels, chemicals and filler additives, etc. can be studied. Optimal drainage and retention are important parameters for paper production. “We have customers all over the world using our DDA in production as well as in development projects,” says Öjvind Sundvall, Managing Director, PulpEye. “We are pleased to have delivered more than 100 DDA testers with more orders pending. Last year we launched the DDA 5, the latest version of our dynamic drainage analyzer with much success due to its number of new, even more efficient, drainage tests.” “Solenis uses the tester for wet end chemistry studies at their customers in order to optimize retention, a characteristic which affects product quality as well as economy for paper and board producers,” stated John Bujold, Platform Launch Manager, NA Pulp and Paper, Solenis LLC. PulpEye AB is an innovative measurement technology company, focusing on online applications and services for the pulp and paper industry globally.