Kadant launches new rotary union product line

Photo: Kadant

Kadant Johnson Inc., a subsidiary of Kadant Inc., announced the global launch of a new multi-passage rotary union line for power, fluid, and data transfer. The new product line features standard configurations designed to meet the needs of the most common industrial and commercial applications requiring a rotary sealing device with 2 to 12 passages.

“This new multi-passage rotary union line compliments our custom-engineered offerings to provide our customers with the best solution possible for their application and needs,” noted Greg Wedel, president of Kadant Johnson Inc. “Whether it’s an off-the-shelf union or a custom design, we offer our customers the options, reliability, and performance they need to solve their manufacturing challenges.”

Multi-passage rotary unions provide sets of seals between stationary connections and rotating equipment, such as a drum, index table, clutch, or spindle. The multiple, independent passages permit the flow of the same or different media into and out of rotating equipment. In most cases, each passage requires isolation from other passages especially when the different media cannot mix or they operate at different pressures.

According to Matt Beach, director of research and product development at Kadant Johnson, “The key to reliability is dependable sealing technology. And the right sealing technology is dependent on the media and operating conditions, such as temperature, pressure, and speed. Kadant Johnson’s multi-passage rotary union line is designed with DuraSeal™ high-performance elastomeric sealing materials to ensure reliability and long service life for the toughest applications.”

Kadant Johnson Inc., based in Three Rivers, Michigan, is a leading provider of rotary joints, precision unions, and fluid handling systems to process industries, where they optimize the transfer of power, fluid, and data in rotary sealing applications.