New TAPPI TIP explores performance of Emtec's tissue softness analyzer  

Photo: Emtec Electronic GmbH

Can a machine accurately imitate the sensory capabilities of the human hand? Is it possible to objectively and reliably determine complex tactile sensations such as the softness, smoothness, or stiffness of tissue products? What conditions are necessary to determine a product’s hand-feel?

A newly released TIP from industry research organization TAPPI endeavors to answer these questions in connection with emtec Electronic’s TSA Tissue Softness Analyzer device. TAPPI TIPs, or Technical Information Papers, are documents containing specific information, such as data, calculations, or product applications, for use in the manufacture, evaluation and description of pulp, paper, and related products. TAPPI TIP 0808-07, titled “Objective Determination of the Haptic Properties of Tissue Products, Technical Information Paper TIP 0808-07 (2021)” covers the theoretical background of haptics, how the TSA device measures the three basic parameters for determining haptic feel, and discusses application possibilities for the paper manufacturing process and quality assurance. 

TIPs are critically peer-reviewed and contain practical and readily usable information for the pulp, tissue, and paper industries, among others. Because of the organization’s well-known research and testing standards, being featured in a TAPPI technical paper is widely considered an important recognition within the industry and marks a milestone for the 25-year-old German machine developing and manufacturing company.

“When we came out with the TSA in 2006, it’s been our goal to make it a relevant, cost-saving measuring device known throughout the industry,” says emtec founder Giselher Gruener. “Being recognized and published in a TAPPI technical document is an important step in this direction.”

The Tissue Softness Analyzer provides accurate and consistent results relating to the haptic parameters that determine the human tactile sensation, such as the sensation of softness, of tissue products. The TAPPI TIP includes a methodical investigation of the device’s measuring principles, an exploration of the algorithms used to arrive at a hand-feel, and the required conditions for measuring the haptic parameters, which determine hand-feel of base tissue and finished products, such as facial tissues, napkins, or toilet paper.

Emtec Electronic GmbH develops, produces and distributes worldwide testing and measuring devices for the detection of relevant processing properties of paper, board, nonwoven and textile materials.