Holmen View now available in 65 and 70 gsm

Image courtesy: Holmen

Holmen VIEW is now available in 65 and 70 gsm. The higher grammages gives you a paper that is stable and thick, but still lightweight and with the same silky smooth surface and great print properties. Holmen VIEW is a natural uncoated fresh-fibre paper for magazines and direct marketing brochures. Would you like your magazine or catalogue to be thicker without adding weight? It's time to turn the page and get this feeling of smooth and sturdy combined.

The products in the Holmen VIEW range are lightweight uncoated papers (LWU) that have all the advantages of fresh-fibre based papers. Tactility, relative stiffness and great opacity. But they also have the added bonus of a surface that ensures great print gloss and awesome image reproduction. Properties that up until now have been associated with coated paper grades. Paper based on fresh fibre has higher bulk. This means that it’s more voluminous and that the paper weighs less while remaining its thickness.

Choose Holmen VIEW instead of a standard LWC paper. Your magazine can become up to 12 percent lighter and still keep its thickness. If you use Holmen VIEW Matt for the same purpose, you can reduce the weight with as much as 22 percent. The bulk effect gives you a strong advantage compared to using paper based on recovered fibre: You can buy fewer tonnes. You will get the same print surface. You can also buy the same amount of paper in tonnes and add more pages - or copies - to your publication.