Ukranian scientist develops new technology for production of paper from  fallen leaves

Photo: Proman

A unique technology for the production of paper from fallen leaves has been recently presented in Ukraine by some local inventors, according to recent statements, made by some local media.


The author of technology is Valentin Frechka, a native of the Transcarpathian region and a Ukranian citizen. According to him, the use of the technology has allowed to produce up to 1.5 tons of industrial paper from fallen leaves.  



The inventor said that his idea to process leaves back in his school years, but during its implementation he faced with a whole bunch of problems, such a shortage of technologies, that would allow converting leaves into fiber on an industrial scale.


Valentin Frechka comments:


“However we finally did it, and completed the production of the first industrial tonnage of paper from fallen leaves. The obtained product has the necessary mechanical characteristics and meets the needed requirements.”


According to Frechka, main goal of his project is improving the quality of finished paper products as well as more active utilization of fallen leaves.

By: Eugen Gerden