Russian pulp and paper sector reduces harmful emissions in 2020

Photo: TASS

Russian pulp and paper producers have achieved serious progress in the field of reduction of their impact on the eco-system of the country in recent years, according to recent statements, made by representatives of producers and some local media reports.


According to data of the Russian Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat), in 2019 the volume of harmful emissions, produced by domestic pulp and paper sector amounted to 96.900 tonnes, being significantly higher those of food sector (207.600 tonnes), and oil and gas production (almost 2.4 million tons). The results for 2020 have not yet  been announced, however, according to some local analysts, they will be even better those, achieved in 2019.



That became also due to a significant increase of investments in eco-systems and various eco technologies, which are installed on the basis of producers.



For example, the Svetogorsk PPM, a leading Russian pulp and paper producer, has spent more than US$20 million on environmental projects  in the last three years.


As Oleg Rybnikov, executive director of the plant told in an interview with the Russian Rossyiskaya Gazeta business paper, the company pays pay special attention to water treatment, air purification (due to the reconstruction of equipment for recovery boilers), as well as the reduction of the level of industrial noise.


By: Eugen Gerden