Moscow city will remain center of paper production in Russia in years to come

Photo: SBR.SPB

The Russian city of Moscow continues to remain a center of pulp and paper production in Russia, according to recent statements, made by some local analysts in the field of paper business and Russian media reports.


According to experts of the Russian Kommersant business paper, despite the pandemic and its negative economic consequences, the volume of production of paper and paper products in the Moscow city – the capital of Russia – in 2020 grew by 35.7%, compared to 2019, while the growth is currently ongoing and will continue in 2021.  


According to analysts, that could be explained by the increase of the demand for paper packaging from consumer goods manufacturers and the current environmental trends. In addition, that could be related with the ever growing popularity of e-commerce.


According to analysts, the city of Moscow will retain its status of a center of paper production in Russia within the next several years, which is also due to the location of a number of large-scale pulp and paper mills within its boundaries, many of which will be able to significantly increase their output next year.

By: Eugen Gerden