Sustainably produced paper ready for packaging solutions

Holmen Paper expands the product portfolio to cover additional segments within consumer and industrial packaging. Meet Holmen PACK, the new, sustainably produced packaging paper that can substitute traditional MG-papers.


Holmen PACK is a fresh, smooth paper for flexible packaging solutions, a great alternative to MG-papers. The double-calendered Holmen PACK combines the properties of a wood-containing paper with the necessary elements of strength from a kraft paper. The paper is approved for food contact

Holmen’s genuine sustainability approach – from raw material and production all the way to a long recycling life-span – makes the paper a natural and smart choice for all industrial and consumer applications. The smoothness makes it equally good as a base paper, for interleaving, and as an environmentally-friendly substitute for polybagging. It’s also ideally suited for different flexible packaging solutions. Some areas of use are branded consumer bags, bags for dry foods, bread, fruits and vegetables, and fast-food collective packaging.

Paper converters and packaging solutions suppliers

Since the early stages of product development, Holmen Paper has been working together with a limited number of retail and brand managers in Europe. These co-operations include relationships to selected converters and packaging solutions suppliers. Now that we have entered regular production with our flexible packaging paper, we are opening up for new contacts.

So, if you are a printer, paper converter or a packaging solutions company, or you wouldn’t mind having one more paper supplier to choose from, get in touch.

We could send you some samples, or just start by sharing our respective views on market development, to see where that may lead. Or you can read more about the paper, and maybe sign up to follow our insider news in The Packaging Paper Loop.



Holmen Paper is part of Holmen Group, a Swedish forestry company with the aim to grow a sustainable future. By utilizing the unique properties of the fresh wood fibre, we provide innovative paper solutions for magazines, books, direct mail, office products and packaging.