Sulzer Solutions for the Pulp and Paper industry at this year’s Pulpaper event

Sulzer Pumps Launches the AHLSTAR Close Coupled Process Pump Series. Here one of the pumps at Pulpaper event in Helsinki. Photo: Sulzer

Sulzer specialists introduced innovative pumping, mixing, agitation solutions and services for the Pulp & Paper industry at Helsinki trade show.  According to manufacturer, includes their full-line product portfolio offers many eco-efficient product solutions, including also comprehensive and high performance energy-efficient products for water and effluent treatment applications.

Especially the AHLSTAR pump series has, according to Sulzer representatives, proven performance with stocks and particularly with liquids containing a high amount of gas. The versatile AHLSTAR close coupled process pump is the latest addition to Sulzer’s stock pumping concept, featuring one of the highest attainable efficiency levels in the market with the low installation and maintenance costs. 

Sulzer MCE pumping system combines performance with energy savings, told company specialists, while ZPP and Z22 low pulse feed pumps are designed specifically for high speed paper machines, and MBN multistage pumps cover a range of high pressure applications. SALOMIX and Scaba agitators offer optimum mixing results, and our TMS tower management system prevents channeling in storage towers providing process advantages, explained company representatives. 

Sulzer provides also a broad range of maintenance and repair services for turbines, motors, and generators. Their pumping, static and dynamic mixing and tower management solutions cover a broad range of applications in paper and board production for stock, chemicals and other additives.

Energy-efficient pumping and mixing solutions offer, according to manufacturer, a long service intervals and life cycles for a broad range of pulp applications, with consistencies from 0 to 18%.