Pöyry introduced innovative solutions at ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2018

Discussion at the fair about the paper line and large cylinders which are cut to the tailored format exact after customers need. Photo: Mesago: credit: Thomas Klerx

The Pöyry Group experts had an exhibition booth at the three-day fair ZELLCHEMING Expo, a leading event for the mass and paper industry in Central Europe, which is scheduled to end on 28 June. Pöyry exposed a range of innovative solutions for companies of all sizes, as well as current trends and improvements for the industry.

Since its establishment in October 1958, Pöyry has developed into one of the world's leading consulting and engineering companies in the pulp and paper industry. The company emphasizes that their business is based on 60 years of experience.

At the fair, the company presented digital solutions such as "Pöyry Virtual Plant", which enables virtual demonstration of the paper mill during the planning phase, and "Pöyry Smart Site", which helps to increase the efficiency of the paper mill's production line "for the next 60 years", as Pöyry stated.

Pöyry refers to the company's new concept under the concept of operational excellence, which, according to the company, contributes to the reduction of moving costs in paper mills. Pöyry Management Consulting strategic advice is provided in connection with investments.

Through appropriate technical methods and the use of modern procedures for the treatment of freshwater and sewage, as well as the generation of steam and other energy resources, the economic efficiency of the paper industry increases.

Pöyry believes that their solutions provide value throughout the life cycle - from strategic advice to the completed project. At the Frankfurt am Main fair, Pöyry is represented by an international and interdisciplinary team from management consultancy and engineering.