Copa Investimentos improves forest management with Inflor Forest

Photo: Inflor

With extensive experience in the management of investment funds, Copa Investimentos, which is headquartered in São Paulo, manages forests planted in the states of Bahia, Mato Grosso do Sul and Minas Gerais. With the implementation of the Forest Registration, Events, GIS, Forestry, Mobility, Inventory and Exhaustion modules of the INFLOR Forest (SGF) system, the company started to gain total control and oversight over the forest productive chain under its management.

Copa boasts a strong control to mitigate risks that can affect the forest plantations productivity that it manages, acting in the administration of lands and properties, in occurrences and forestry events, in the silvicultural processes as well as in the monitoring of the wood market and forests costs. The INFLOR Forest solution is in line with its strategy of providing the maximum transparency for the investor, promoting the standardization and simplification of practices and processes.

 INFLOR Forest enables faster and more secure information to be obtained from the physical and financial operations follow-up, forecast versus realized budget, and all income from forestry activities, including performance related to labor, equipment and materials.

One of the project's challenges was to promote the integration of operational and costing information. Today, through automatic interfaces between the forest system and the company's ERP, the controlling and operational areas have the same financial business vision.

Marcio Pereira, solution manager at INFLOR, points out that "the biological assets valorization started to get noticed concurrently, as operations are pointed out and approved." All cartographic information of the areas was integrated into the operations, which are controlled by branch, unit and plot.

"We have also managed to significantly reduce the monthly costs closing time, as well as standardize processes among all branches, providing management reports to support decisions," concludes Pereira.