Nippon Paper to introduce new products to the Japanese market

Photo :Elopak

Nippon Paper Industries concluded a license agreement with Elopak AS recently, and agreed that Nippon Paper Industries would produce and sell a lineup of gable-top liquid packaging cartons that Elopak provides around the world, and introduce them for the first time in the Japanese market.

The products to be introduced to the Japanese market are Pure-Pak Curve and Pure-Pak Sense. These products feature sophisticated Scandinavian design shapes and new functions. They have proven records of high value-added products in particular, such as dairy drinks, soft drinks, and functional drinks in Europe, and closures can be attached to them.

Nippon Paper plans to introduce the new economical filling machine system (UP-F07 and UP-F14 manufactured by Shikoku Kakoki), which enables operations for both new cartons and conventional cartons to be undertaken with a single machine, and to which a variety of closures can be attached. This will make it possible to fill both value-added products (e.g. Pure-Pak Sense + closures to be attached) and standard products (e.g. NP-PAK) on the same filling machine line. Customers will therefore be able to expand the product lineup while controlling the risk of investment in producing new products.