Bekaert Solaronics to supply UniDryer V3 to Cartiera di Momo

Photo: Bekaert Solaronics

Bekaert Solaronics will supply Cartiera di Momo with four infrared systems UniDryer V3 followed by sets of air bars after each of the four coating stations on its PM1 recycled board machine. The Energy Recovery Concept is again applied to this project with the air bars directly fed by the exhaust hot air from the UniDryer V3 systems. This concept allows even more energy savings.  The installation of the systems is scheduled to take place during the 3rd quarter 2016.

The partnership between Bekaert Solaronics and Cartiera di Momo started in 1986 with the installation of three gas infrared drying systems. The objective then was the non-contact drying of recycled board for boxboard C1S production. Today, Cartiera di Momo renewed its confidence in Bekaert Solaronics to replace the existing systems.

The benefits guaranteed to the paper mill by the UniDryer V3 with integrated air bars are many:

• machine speed will be significantly increased by 10 %;

• gas consumption will be reduced by 36 %;

• paper machine will be able to produce with 10 % more coat weight.

Moreover, thanks to the study carried out by Bekaert Solaronics, Cartiera di Momo has obtained a government subsidy for this project.

The UniDryer V3 is a very compact system in which high performance gas infrared emitters are alternated with high temperature and velocity air nozzles. These features result in a fast heat-up, a high evaporation rate and ultimately in better product quality. Combined with the air bars, its efficiency is further improved and the gas consumption costs are optimized.