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Ziegler Papier launches new product for pigmented inks

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Simon Matthis - 03 Jul 2012

Ziegler Paper Mill, producer of high quality, woodfree fine papers and specialty has designed and launched a new product for pigmented inks. The new products name is Z-Advance. Z-Advance is the follow-on product of Z-Evolution, but designed for pigmented inks like Océ Colorstream 3500. Z-Advance has been successfully qualified by Océ at Poing.

On a paper scale with regards to print quality Z-Advance is somewhere between a coated grade and a surface treated paper. Ziegler Paper Mill has been using this paper especially for couponing, book printing and direct mailing applications. Post-processing qualities are perfect and the high brilliance paper sheet gives the paper a very sharp look. Stiffness and bulk are well balanced. Shine-through effects in two side printed applications rarely occur. The new paper Z-Advance is available in 70, 80, 90, 100, 120 and 135 g/m2.