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Market Innovation: metallised inkjet paper for extraordinary labels

Photo: Mitsubishi Hi-Tec Paper
Photo: Mitsubishi Hi-Tec Paper
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Redaktionen - 09 Jul 2019

With the launch of brand-new jetscript METAL VPG 1018, Mitsubishi HiTec Paper is bringing something absolutely unique to the market: a metallic-silver-gloss inkjet paper, developed for water-based inkjet printing and particularly suitable for self-adhesive label applications.

What’s so special about this is that metallic glossy inkjet labels were previously only possible using a metallic film. Jetscript METAL VPG 1018, however, is a pure fibre-based paper product with a metallic mirror finish and a transparent, microporous inkjet coating for excellent printing performance.

The main features are:

-110 gsm

-metallic-silver mirror finish

-high print density

-fast drying

-suitable for water-based inkjet printing (dye and pigment inks)

-compatible with latex inks

-optimum performance in the self-adhesive production process (handling, labelling, matrix removal)