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Nomo launches “KIZEI”

Photo: Nomo
Photo: Nomo
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Redaktionen - 12 Jun 2019

 Nomo, a technical solution provider within bearings, transmissions and seals, launches in collaboration with NTNSNR ”KIZEI”, the obvious solution for customers using open spherical roller bearings in tough conditions. The metallic shield on the bearing keeps the solid external contamination away, which significantly increases the service life and requires considerably fewer service stops.

After thorough analyzes of open spherical roller bearings, it was found that the most common reasons for shortened lifetime are dirt penetrating the bearing or that the bearingdoes not retain the lubricant between the lubrication occasions.

There are rubber-sealed spherical roller bearings on the market, but they have their limitations in not being able to manage the same speed limitations, not being equally heat-resistant, and that they don’t keep the ISO dimensions regarding the width of the bearing.KIZEI can withstand the same loads as unsealed spherical roller bearings and is thus 100% replaceable to a corresponding open bearing. Because the KIZEI meets the ISO standard, it has the same dimensions as a conventional spherical roller bearing. Temperature range is -40 ° C to + 200 ° C.

— ”KIZEI will give our customers in, for example, the mining, sawing and steel industry a much better overall economy through longer operating lifetime, less unplanned downtime and fewwr service stops. We also get a positive environmental impact as the customer consumes considerably less lubricants and also the lifetime of the bearings is extended”, says Göran Nyberg, Produkt Manager for Rolling Bearings at Nomo.