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Last 2 weeks - IBC’s “Enzyme technology for pulp and paper applications”

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Redaktionen - 16 May 2019

The time is starting to run out for the registrations to the new episode of IBC Paper Training’s web series, that will be held on May 30th, LIVE, online, entitled Enzyme technology for pulp and paper applications

These are actually the last 2 weeks when you can book your seat. This event is ideal if you want to have the chance to discover LIVE thebest theoretical notions, as well as practical, real examplesfrom paper mills around the world,about enzyme technology used for pulp and paper applications. As usual, a special price awaits you if it’s your first participation.

The webinar will focus on 2 main topics: 1. What are Enzymes:  Definition., 2. Field for Enzymes Application - Pulp Bleaching, Secondary fiber, Approach flow, Stock preparation & Machine cleaning

The expertlecturer will be Mr. Fernando Dantas, from IBC Paper Training, Portugal.