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VPK Packaging closes the acquisition of Corenso's European and Chinese businesses  

Photo: Corenso
Photo: Corenso
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Simon Matthis - 14 May 2019

On May 7, VPK Packaging Group has completed the transaction to join VPK’s core division Corex and Corenso’s European and Chinese businesses - creating a firm partnership between two customer-focused market players with proven track record. 


VPK Packaging Group’s CEO Pierre Macharis: “VPK is excited to welcome Corenso and looks forward to the future prospects of Corex and Corenso as one company. A decentralised business model, combined with a wide geographical reach, is what will continue to differentiate us in the market. Building on a common culture of customer-focused local empowerment, we have a unique opportunity to learn from each other, share best practices and combine the experiences, talent and strengths into one organisation.”


A key strength for the combined business is the well-balanced capacities of coreboard and cores, providing the required stability to consistently deliver high-quality products and services and to further enhance business continuity and stability for all our customers.