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Cluster Managers meet in Vilnius to get inspired by Swedish Paper Province

Photo: Paper Province
Photo: Paper Province
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Simon Matthis - 08 May 2019

Maria Hollander, CEO Paper Province in Sweden, will be the head lecturer at the MITA seminar in Lithuanian capital Vilnuis on the 9:th of May. "As a Gold Cluster CEO I'm invited to inspire Cluster Managers from eastern Europe. I'm flattered to have this opportunity to tell them about our journey to the Gold status", says the Paper Province CEO.


MITA is the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology in Lithuania and the main purpouse for the seminar is, except teambuilding and exchange of experience, to learn mote about communication. Two exercises containing Storytelling and writing of a Communication Strategy is on the agenda.


"How do we get people on board with Storytelling? We have different views of the challenges, but we have to find a common view of the role of the cluster and the contribution to the region, country, or to the world. Therefore, we practice different stories to different target groups", Maria Hollander says.