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IBC's tissue quality and inter-related properties

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Redaktionen - 24 Apr 2019

On April 25th IBC Paper Training will be continuing their web series, live, online. Don’t miss out on this new episode!

Book your spot fast and get LIVE the best theoretical notions, as well as practical, real examples from paper mills around the world,about tissue quality, tissue properties and the multiple correlations existing between these properties! As usual, benefit of a special price if it’s your first participation!

The expertlecturer will be Mrs. Kate Leach, from MILS Processes, UK. Since 2009 Kate has her own company, delivering training and consultancy work to the Paper Industry. She is specialized in Energy use and reduction, Refining, Process Engineering and Project management. She is also a specialist in the area of pulp and paper manufacture and tissue.

Brief reminder - Content of the web seminar: 1. What does "quality" means? | 2. Key Properties of tissue – Softness, Absorbency, Interactions and trade offs of different properties (Bulk), Strength, Stretch | 3. Overview of basic properties