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Spanish cardboard producers expand output in 2018

Photo: AFCO
Photo: AFCO
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Jaroslaw Adamowski - 15 Apr 2019

Spanish cardboard manufacturers have reported a higher production last year, up 1.6% to 5.286 million square metres.

The industry’s improved performance in 2018 allowed Spain to con-solidate its position of Europe’s fourth largest cardboard sector player, preceded by Germany, Italy, and France, according to data obtained by local news agency Europa Press from the Madrid-based industry association AFCO.

Spain’s cardboard industry consists of 72 companies which run a to-tal of 90 production facilities across the country. The plants are oper-ated by a total workforce of 23,600 employees, and generate some €5.167 billion per year in direct and indirect turnover, as shown by data from the AFCO.