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Russian court orders subsidiary of Chinese AVIC Forestry to restore 11 thousand ha of forest

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Simon Matthis - 12 Apr 2019

Henda-Sibir, 100% owned by Chinese AVIC Forestry, was convicted of violating of forest protection legislation, reports the Prosecutor’s office of the Tomsk region.


Henda-Sibir has signed with the Forestry Department of the Tomsk region the four lease agreements of the forest sites. Company is harvesting timber in the territory of forest fund of the region with a total area of 355 thousand ha. According to the forest legislation and agreements, the company is obliged to restore the cut down, lost and damaged forests.


Interdistrict environmental Prosecutor’s office of Tomsk has inspected Henda-Sibir for compliance with forest protection legislation.


Henda-Sibir has not completed the reforestation in forestlands with a total area of 11662.54 ha. Tomsk Interdistrict environmental prosecutor sent to the Teguldet district court a statement of claim to compel Henda-Sibir to carry out reforestation in the specified territory. The claims of the prosecutor are satisfied in full, but the court decision has not yet entered into force.

Source: Lesprom Network