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Rottneros Packaging has started manufacturing in new premises

Foto: Rottneros
Foto: Rottneros
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Simon Matthis - 11 Apr 2019

Rottneros Packaging moved into new, suitable premises in 2018 and started manufacturing moulded fibre trays in early 2019.

The total investment in the new factory amounts to approximately SEK 45 million and mainly consists of a tailor-made system for preparing pulp and four machines for the manufacture of trays. The latest machine was purchased at the end of March and is put into operation by the end of 2019.

After commissioning and trimming, the capacity in the factory will amount to 50-80 million trays per year, depending on the size of trays produced. The trays are primarily intended for food and as a replacement for disposable plastic articles, but also for electronic products and other components. The products can be manufactured with and without barrier, are made of renewable Swedish forest raw material, and are completely free of PFAS. The products are recyclable as paper packaging.

“It is a very exciting development that has occurred within Rottneros Packaging and based on the demand in the market, we see that the time is right for sustainable products. In parallel with the construction of the factory, we have strengthened the organisation and we are now staffed for production in three-shift and continued development of the business” says Nils Hauri, Chief Innovation Officer.