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Voith enhanced its line of press fabrics for paper mills

Photo: Voith
Photo: Voith
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Simon Matthis - 10 Apr 2019

Voith has enhanced its line of press fabrics for paper mills with the MultiFlex Advance and the PrintFlex Advance, which offer exceptional dewatering properties. Only available in North America, these press fabrics feature Voith’s best seam in the market and are resilient and compaction-resistant through their expected lifetime.

“Mill managers will appreciate the performance of these press fabrics. Aside from their high-quality seam, they achieve a steady-state performance through their expected lifetime, which is a key factor in creating a consistent output. That high level of reliability is the result of engineered design, top-of-the-line materials and careful construction at our press fabrics facility in Appleton, Wisconsin,” said David Uitenbroek, product manager, Voith Paper Fabrics & Roll Systems, North America.

The Advance series lowers resource use while improving sheet quality and reducing installation times. Compared to other offerings, these fabrics provide mills with faster break-in periods at lower vacuums and can be tailored to suit specific needs.

Benefits are applicable for two key paper manufacturing categories. MultiFlex Advance is for producers of kraft liner board, medium, corrugated medium, gypsum and white top liner. PrintFlex Advance is for all graphic grade paper production, including uncoated free-sheet paper.

“MultiFlex Advance and PrintFlex Advance deliver on improved productivity, which makes the fabrics a step above others,” Uitenbroek said. “Additionally, Voith’s expertise and service capabilities contribute to these fabrics being the ideal choice for both graphic paper and board and packaging mills.”