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New CEO at Papcel

Photo: Papcel
Photo: Papcel
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Simon Matthis - 02 Apr 2019

In February 2019 a mutual agreement was made between BHM Group, a.s. Vega-HSH, s.r.o. companies regarding the sale of 50% of shares and receivables in PAPCEL, a.s. Following this transaction Mr. Petr Domin, MBA was named the new CEO of PAPCEL, a.s. starting March 1st 2019. Mr. David Dostal remains in the position of Chairman of the Board.

Graduate from University of Pardubice (Czech Republic) in the field of “Paper and Cellulose” and “Management” (MBA – Master of Business Administration) on Notthingam Trent University (United Kingdom). He started his professional career in a Czech paper mill JIP Vetrni but started working in Pribyslavice (now Huhtamaki) shortly after.


He took on several positions across the company at Huhtamaki concern in the paper production divisions as well as food packaging production – from workshop manager, project manager, production manager all the way up to the CEO of Czech branch.


He gradually moved from the position of Czech Huhtamaki CEO to CEO in Northern Ireland, Norway and the Netherlands (where among other things he built a new innovative and project team). He was at the foundation of Huhtamaki concern and its further management with four manufacturing companies in the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, France and Northern Ireland and several supporting organizations across Europe.


His last professional engagement before coming into PAPCEL was managing worldwide division of Huhtamaki from the position of Executive Vice-President with 11 manufacturing companies on all continents, supporting organizations and several smaller companies with minority ownership interest (mainly in Central and South America). At the same time he was part of senior management where he actively participated on corporate strategies and led „corporate responsibility“ for the whole company (revenues of 3 billion EUR).


“I am glad to have become a member of PAPCEL company team. We have the kind product for end customers which grows. We are able to solve customer’s objectives and requirements comprehensively and not only as one of the contractors. But above all we have experienced, skilled and loyal people without whom no company in the world can survive in the long run and be successful,” Mr. Domin, CEO of PAPCEL said.