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Austrian-owned cardboard maker to invest €16M in Romania

Photo: Rondo Ganahl
Photo: Rondo Ganahl
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Jaroslaw Adamowski - 11 Mar 2019

Romanian cardboard producer Rondocarton has unveiled plans to spend some €16 million on developing the man-ufacturing capacities of its two corrugated cardboard plants in Ro-mania.


The company operates two production facilities in Apahida and Sura Mica. Under the plan, Rondocarton will allocate about €10 million to expand the factory in Sura Mica, and a further €6 million to develop the production facility in Apahida, according to the information ob-tained by local business daily Ziarul Financiar.


Rondocarton is part of Rondo Ganahl group. The holdng is based in Frastanz, Austria.