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Registrations officially open: New IBC webinar – Predictive maintenance via vibration tools

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Redaktionen - 05 Mar 2019

Prepare yourself (and your colleagues) for a new LIVE episode of IBC Paper Training’s web series:

Predictive maintenance via vibration tools – 28th of March, from 9 AM and 2 PM, Paris time, LIVE, online


Participate LIVE and get the best tips and practices about predictive maintenance!

* SPECIAL PRICE if it’s your first participation! *

* Till 30 spots on the web conference maximum! *

* Unique opportunity to interact LIVE with an expert in the field!!! *

Predictive maintenance is still a cost-effective way for a maintenance department to resolve plant machinery problems and put into place a repair schedule.

The visible benefits of such programs include not only undeniable cost benefits, such as reducing machinery downtime and production losses, but also the long-term cost benefits which can result from accurate maintenance scheduling.

Lecturer: Mr. Bertrand Wascat, from ACOEM Group, France or

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