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Munksjö and Metsä Fibre started unique collaboration in safety auditing

Photo: Metsä Fibre
Photo: Metsä Fibre
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Simon Matthis - 07 Feb 2019

Ahlstrom-Munksjö and Metsä Fibre have started safety collaboration by auditing each other’s production facilities. This is a unique form of collaboration among the pulp and paper industry with the target of promoting the safety work within the industry.

“We see that safety has no boundaries, and therefore we want to learn from our partners, and in return, share our own best practices and learnings with our customers, supplier and business partners”, states Camilla Wikström, SVP, Production, Pulp Business, Metsä Fibre.

The program, which started in late 2018, has now its first takeaways. Both companies have paid a lot of attention to safety and especially into preventative actions and trainings. Metsä Fibre has an excellent safety reporting system, which helps safety managers in reporting and following issues to be solved. Ahlstrom-Munksjö has a case distribution method which allows all safety managers to get the most resent information on possible safety issues.

This far we have cross-audited five production sites: two from Ahlstrom-Munksjö and three from Metsä Fibre. The target is to continue the cross-audit program and companies have agreed on two new audits which will take place in Germany later in the year.

Source: Lesprom Network