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Eucatex adopts the InflorForest to manage its forests

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Redaktionen - 05 Feb 2019

The implementation of the solution involves the partnership between INFLOR, a market leader in forest management systems, and Maxitree, which is dedicated to the forest asset and business management.

As one of the largest suppliers of MDP, MDF and wood fiber sheets in Brazil, which mainly serve the furniture, construction and packaging industries, Eucatex has been seeking improvements for its forest management process. In recent years, the company has been discussing with INFLOR and Maxitree on the most appropriate solutions for its business model, and it ended up choosing the INFLOR Forest, a system that is the absolute market leader in Latin America.

The solution will be implemented jointly, a differentiated project that combines Maxitree's expertise in forest asset and business management and the leading technology developed by INFLOR. Due to last nine months, the project will include the GIS, Forest Register, Silviculture, Harvest, Logistics, Inventory and Depletion modules, as well as the mobility solution.