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Swedish sawlog prices increased by 7% in 2018

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Simon Matthis - 01 Feb 2019

The increase of delivery prices was larger in 2018 than it has been for several years. Both sawlog and pulpwood prices in Sweden increased in the whole country during 2018.

Delivery purchase is a method which means that the forest owner himself, with or without the help of employees or contractors, delivers the work on the roadside. Delivery prices account for some 8% of the total sold quantity.


Pulpwood prices rose by 13% compared to 2017, which is the largest increase since 2008. In the Northern region the increase was 8%, Central and South regions both had price increases of 13%. Every quarter of the year showed prices increase in comparison to the same quarter in 2017.


During the 4Q 2018 the price of pulpwood increased by 5% compared to the 3Q 2018. The Northern region had the highest increase, 8%, while the increase in the Central region was 6% and 3% in the Southern region.


Sawlogs had a 7% delivery price increase during 2018 in comparison with 2017, which is the largest increase since 2010. The increase in the Northern region was 5%, 6% in the Central region and 7% in the Southern region.


The 4Q 2018 had sawlog prices increase by 1% compared to the 3Q. The increase was 2% in the Northern region, 1% in the Southern region and unchanged in the Central region.


The average prices are volume-weighted roundwood quantities. These prices refer to current prices, which do not take inflation into account.

Source: Lesprom Network