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Södra adapts timber prices to market conditions

Photo: Södra
Photo: Södra
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Simon Matthis - 28 Jan 2019

Södra is adjusting the purchase price for spruce and pine logs as well as fuel wood.

The company is seeing a slowdown in the economy at the same time as wood supplies are high and forestry activity is intense. As a result, the market price of saw logs is declining

“Our operating environment is more unsettled, and we are entering a situation marked by greater uncertainty in the markets,” said Olof Hansson, President of the Södra Skog business area.

At the same time, demand for biofuel remains high.

“We are currently experiencing increased demand primarily for fuel wood, driven by the energy transition we are seeing in society,” continued Olof.

The following price adjustments are being made:

SEK -15/mᶾsub for pine logs

SEK -25/mᶾsub for spruce logs

SEK +30/mᶾsub for fuel wood

The new prices will apply for contracts signed as of 18 January.