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IBC Paper Training’s NEW video coming soon in web series

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Redaktionen - 21 Jan 2019

Prepare yourself for another LIVE episode of IBC’s web series: Stickies identification, measurement and solutions 


Main objectives:

• Know the cause of these unwanted non-fibrous materials that cause a large variety of problems in pulp and papermaking, broadly defined as stickies

• Know the difference between microstickies and macrostickies

• Get methods for measuring the contaminants, find out how to identify their strengths and weaknesses

• Concrete, practical examples of stickies removal/prevention in the pulp and paper industry

• Get chemical and mechanical solutions to avoid problems related to stickies

Register now to IBC’s web series and get a full access to the recording (Streaming) of all of their past web seminars and to the monthly LIVE episodes of their web series, that will be held during the next 12 months:

The seminar will be held on 31st of January, from 9 AM or from 2 PM, Paris time.