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Klabin’s Puma unit receives ISO 50001 certification

Photo: Klabin
Photo: Klabin
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Simon Matthis - 03 Jan 2019

Klabin’s Puma unit in Ortigueira, Paraná, Brazil, was awarded ISO 50001 certification, making it the first plant in Brazil’s pulp and paper industry to follow the best practices required by said certification.This recognition attests to the unit's efforts to improve its energy performance and efficiency just little more than two years after its start-up.

“The certification, which was obtained after a series of audits, reinforces Klabin’s commitment to sustainable development and recognizes the engagement and dedication of all professionals involved in the topic, whether employees, contractors or suppliers," said Sadi Oliveira, Industrial Pulp Officer at Klabin.

ISO 50001 certification is awarded to plants that follow good practices in energy management to ensure compliance with Brazilian legislation and good practices for loss reduction, conscientious consumption and prioritization of renewable energy sources.

The Puma Unit has average power generation capacity of 270 MW.The surplus, which is sufficient to power a city of 500,000 people, is supplied to Brazil's national grid.The amount used by the company makes the plant energy self-sufficient.

Klabin is the largest producer and exporter of paper for packaging in Brazil.

Source: Lesprom Network