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Last 3 days to register – The fifth episode of IBC Paper Training’s web series

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Redaktionen - 14 Dec 2018

On December, 20th – from 9 AM or from 2 PM, Paris time, IBC Paper Training will arrange a seminar on innovative IoT solutions for energy consumption optimization, with examples from the paper industry.

This seminar approaches a super innovative and interesting topic and it will certainly make you think “out of the box" and search for alternative, cost efficient, IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, to the energy problems in your own mill. Don’t miss out this unique opportunity and register as soon as possible!!!

Focus of the web seminar:

- production planning prediction to minimise energy costs

- incrementing an interpretable model with internal and external data

- anticipation of the plant thanks to the predictive model

- historisation and reporting for all stakeholders of the production

Please send your name, company and email address to register to this Live session to or OR you can subscribe already to the web series at

Lecturers: Laurent Couillard, from Optim Data, France, and Hoan An Le Thi, from University of Lorraine, France