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Polish paper machine maker launches new US facility

Photo: PMP Group
Photo: PMP Group
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Jaroslaw Adamowski - 27 Nov 2018

Polish paper machine maker PMP Group has launched a new facility in South Beloit, Illinois, in response to its expansion in the US market.

"Recent years have brought very active growth and brand recogni-tion in North America through successful execution of a number of capital projects for leading papermaking companies in the USA. A year ago, the company decided to invest over 1 mln USD to double the size of its facility in [the US], increase employment, widen its product portfolio, expand service capability and to grow its locally produced Build-To-Print business," the company said in a state-ment. "The facility will accommodate both Pulp & Paper as well as the Build-to-Print business units."

PMP Group says it operates facilities in Poland, the US, and China.