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Register now to the 4th episode of IBC’s web series! - November 29th

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Redaktionen - 31 Oct 2018

For the first time, understand color measurement, dyes applications and dyes interactions in the paper wet end system to increase dyes efficiency!

“Color and Dyes Utilization Optimization” will be held on the 29th of November, from 9 AM and from 2 PM, Paris time (2 sessions to choose from).

Program includes:

- Dyeing Theory: How the color is made

- Optical Measurement: How is the color measured? Equipment and measurement interpretation

- Acquire working procedure with dyes to apply in practice to reach the right color

- Dyes Classes, Dosage and Dyes Introduction

- Get to know factors influencing Paper Dyeing to optimize dyes efficiency

- Solutions to optimize dyes consumption (concrete cases…)


Chat live with the expert lecturer and with other paper makers from all over the world, about the challenges and solutions you have to come up with on a regular basis, during the coloration process!

If it’s the first time that you participate to the web series, profit of your free invitation!

Please send us your name, company and e-mail address, to register to the Live!

IBC is also:

- Generic e-learning: Train yourself and your staff at your workplace, with our generic e-learning modules. Take a leap through our maze of interactions, scenarios, videos and 2D / 3D animations and be an actor of your own training. Includes assessments at the beginning and at the end of each module. Available in English and French.

- Tailor-made e-learning: Digitalize your process knowledge! Become independent and agile in your training! The perfect solution to train groups of machine staff. Fully tailor-made: developed and adapted according to your needs, your process and the level of requirements of the job.

You can register at the web series at