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Austrian corrugated cardboard maker launches Romanian invest-ment

Photo: Dunapak Rambox
Photo: Dunapak Rambox
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Jaroslaw Adamowski - 09 Oct 2018

Austrian-owned corrugated cardboard maker Dunapack Rambox has launched construction work on its new pack-aging factory in Bolintin-Deal, Romania.


The plant is expected to begin its operations in June 2019, the com-pany said in a statement. Fitted with a surface of 27,000 square me-tres, the facility will be enabled with a production capacity of 180 mil-lion square metres per year.


“Romania was and still is one of our key growth markets. With the support of local authorities and all the necessary ressources at hand, we are pleased to be taking this major step in this vibrant and growing market,” said Cord Prinzhorn, the CEO of Prinzhorn Group which owns Dunapack Rambox.