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Valmet acquires US-based Enertechnix

Photo: Valmet
Photo: Valmet
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Simon Matthis - 03 Oct 2018

Valmet has acquired Enertechnix, a high-tech combustion diagnostics and monitoring technology company based in Washington, USA. The company develops innovative technologies for boiler imaging and temperature measuring, and holds a leading position on the US market. The value of the acquisition will not be disclosed. The company employs approximately 20 people.


The acquisition is in line with Valmet's strategy and complements Valmet's automation offering for the pulp and paper, and energy industries, enabling Valmet to offer more comprehensive solutions to improve the efficiency, availability and safety of recovery and power boilers.


"Enertechnix' combustion diagnostics and monitoring systems meet well the needs of today's recovery and power boiler operators. We are especially excited about the comprehensive imaging and high-temperature measurement solutions as well as the many opportunities they provide in opening a whole new window into the boiler process," says Sami Riekkola, Business Line President, Automation, Valmet.


"I believe that our leading products, technologies and business will be further developed at Valmet, and they will be better and more easily accessible to the customers globally. We are very excited and pleased to be part of Valmet," comments George Kychakoff, Founder and CEO of Enertechnix.


Enertechnix has developed high-resolution IR camera systems with diagnostics software to provide superior online visibility and temperature analysis. They are able to see through obscuring dust and gas to depths of 24 meters, allowing monitoring of developments anywhere in the combustion chamber.