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Cham Paper’s site will be converted to an urban district

Photo: Sappi
Photo: Sappi
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Simon Matthis - 12 Sep 2018

The site of the former Cham Paper Group will be converted to an urban district from autumn 2019 onwards. Due to the rental agreement expiring, Sappi Europe will have to leave the Cham site no later than the end of June 2019.

In recent months Sappi’s management has compiled and reviewed various relocation options within Switzerland and abroad. Considering Sappi does not have a production site in Switzerland, the best solution appears to be to integrate the converting companies, the solution center, the supply chain and customer service into existing Sappi Europe facilities.

These measures would lead to a reduction of about 25 full-time positions in Cham. The employees have been informed, and the legal consultation process has been initiated. Redundancies are expected to take place from February 2019 at the earliest.

Source: Lesprom Network