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RGE completes acquisition of Lwarcel Celulose

Photo: LWarcel Celulose
Photo: LWarcel Celulose
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Simon Matthis - 07 Sep 2018

RGE completes acquisition of Lwarcel Celulose from Lwart Group. The acquisition of the 250,000 ton pulp mill in São Paulo, Brazil, is in line with RGE’s strategy to increase its global pulp capacity for competitive advantage.

Lwarcel will be managed as a member of Bracell Group, which operates RGE’s cellulose businesses in Brazil.

Bracell Group will now comprise Lwarcel and Bahia Specialty Cellulose, one of the largest specialty cellulose producers in the world.

The Bracell Group will be based in Singapore, with sales offices in Asia, Europe and the United States. Among Lwarcel’s immediate priorities is the study of potential mill expansion plans in the near future.

Source: Lesprom Network