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Felix Schoeller appoints Hans-Christoph Gallenkamp as CEO

Photo: Felix Schoeller Group
Photo: Felix Schoeller Group
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Simon Matthis - 06 Jul 2018

Felix Schoeller Group announces leadership changes. After 12 years as CEO, Dr Bernhard Klofat handed over the helm to Hans-Christoph Gallenkamp, who has been vice-chair of the management board for the last three years and chief operating officer (COO) since January 2017.


There has also been a change on the advisory board of the Osnabrück-based family business. The vice-chair of the advisory board, Prof. Andreas Georgi, was elected as its chair, with Dr Klofat replacing him as vice-chair. Having served as chair of the advisory board for many years, Hans-Michael Gallenkamp was appointed to the post of honorary chair.


The Felix Schoeller Group is a family business with worldwide operations producing specialty papers.

Source: Lesprom Network