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Kyiv CPM completed the PMM-2 first stage reconstruction

Photo: Kyiv CPM
Photo: Kyiv CPM
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Simon Matthis - 09 Mar 2018

 Kyiv CPM in cooperation with A.Celli (Italy) completed the PMM-2 first stage reconstruction. As part of the investment program was successfully modernized the press section and a new hydraulic reel which is equipped with a central cutting system, reel spool storage, automatic threading web system, automatic core feed/removal system.

Additionally, work was carried out on stock preparation: automatic filling line and automatic control system has been installed, was modernized equipment for stock purification, hood overhaul of the paper flash-drying system. The implementation of this project will improve the quality of base paper and will increase PMM-2 speed up to 1200 m / min. Set of works was carry out by KCPM specialists and contractor at a high professional level and in accordance with the approved schedule.