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Grupo Iberpapel's net profit rises 13.93% to €22.91 million

Image courtesy: Iberpapel
Image courtesy: Iberpapel
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Simon Matthis - 01 Mar 2018

Grupo Iberpapel's net profit amounted to €22.91 million in 2017, growth of 13.93% from 2016 (€20.10 million). EBITDA, meanwhile, was 3.67% higher year-on-year at €36.91 million (2016: €35.60 million).

Consolidated sales revenue was 7.51% higher year-on-year at €217.05 million (€201.89 million in 2016).

These results were enabled by growth of 6.02% in revenue from paper sales, in turn driven by higher sales volumes, and, to a lesser extent, the slight growth (1.5%) in the average sales price.