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Finnish trade union threatens strike over wages

Photo: Antti Lepänen/Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Antti Lepänen/Wikimedia Commons
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Simon Matthis - 05 Jan 2018

Finnish Trade Union Pro issued an announcement on Tuesday about the commencement of industrial action. The reason for the paper industry’s industrial action is the employers’ unreasonable demands for reductions in an industry that has excellent productivity and profitability.

 An overtime ban in the paper industry commences on Tuesday at 14:00, remaining effective until further notice. A one-week strike will commence on January 17 at 06:00, and end on January 24 at 06:00.

The overtime ban and strike will affect all paper industry experts doing clerical work, with approximately 3,000 white-collar employees in total participating in the overtime ban and strike. The overtime ban will cause job delays, and the strike, if implemented, will lead to significant disturbances in paper industry workplaces.

Pro’s key objective is a general salary increase for everyone to secure the development of salaries for the paper industry’s clerical employees, experts, supervisory and managerial staff.

“This has been a time of tremendous growth in productivity and constantly improving profitability for the paper industry. Salaried paper industry employees should therefore be entitled to larger salary increases compared to employees in other industries. Despite this, we have set reasonable targets for the negotiations in line with the general targets,” comments Trade Union Pro’s paper industry contract field supervisor Jari Uschanov.