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Inflor Forest present from end to end at Asperbras MDF plant

Photo: Inflor
Photo: Inflor
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Simon Matthis - 02 Jan 2018

Greenplac's eucalyptus MDF panel plant − which is a part of the Asperbras Group − located in the city of Água Clara (MT) has a particular feature: the fusion of Innovatech´s knowledge and experience in Forest Management withthetechnology and innovation of the Inflor Forest system. The system is used for forest management throughout the process: from silviculture all the way to the transport operation.

 Luiz Fellipe Arcalá, Head of Business and Innovation at Innovatech, explains that the solutions for this project are being designed as the various phases come into operation. "We have the entire forest cycle supported by the INFLOR Forest system," he says. Greenplac's forest assets amounts to 36,000 hectares of eucalyptus.

The Inflor Forest solution in this project encompasses all the modules, ensuring information integration. Arcalá emphasizes that this integration gives more consistency to the process and enables deliveries with a less than 5% financial deviation, as the execution of the planning is systematized.

He also emphasizes that "the fully automated harvesting and transportation management − due to the mobility of the operational control via tablets − will prevent operational inefficiencies and bring excellence based mainly on KPIs and action plans. As for the exhaust module, the expectation is also positive, considering the results observed with other customers who have already used INFLOR Forest."     

About GreenPlac - With a variety of business operations (industry, agribusiness, geology and mining, among others), the Asperbras Group's production of eucalyptus MDF panels is its latest line of business. In the first phase, GreenPlac will produce 250,000 cubic meters of panels, a capacity that should be increased to 600,000 cubic meters in a second phase. Production will be destined for the domestic and foreign markets, supplying mainly the furniture industry.


About Innovatech - Innovatech is a management and consulting company focusing on the forestry and agribusiness segments. Its tenets are constant innovation, knowledge and sustainable relationship. Through innovative consulting and project management, the company adds value to the agroforestry sector by bringing methodologies and processes of greater effectiveness and optimized for the business value chain.


About INFLOR - Headquartered in Espírito Santo and operating on four continents, INFLOR is changing the way biological assets are managed around the world. The management systems developed by the company are present in more than 12 million hectares of diverse crops. With a track record of over 20 years of experience, its solutions help companies to maximize their forest and agricultural asset management performance, leveraging gains through the conscious use of natural resources and social and environmental respect