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Canfor Pulp announces production outage at its mill in British Columbia

Prince George sawmill. Photo: Canfor Pulp Products
Prince George sawmill. Photo: Canfor Pulp Products
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Simon Matthis - 04 Dec 2017

 Canfor Pulp Products Inc. has taken a temporary and unscheduled outage on one production line at its Northwood Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft (“NBSK”) pulp mill located in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada, as a result of a tube leak in the number five recovery boiler.

Canfor Pulp anticipates the number five recovery boiler to be down for approximately two weeks, and is currently projecting 15,000 tonnes of reduced NBSK pulp production during the 4Q 2017, as well as higher associated maintenance costs and lower projected shipment volumes.

To mitigate the impact of the incident, Canfor Pulp is continuing to operate the second production line at the pulp mill and will advance certain mill maintenance activities previously scheduled to be performed in the 1Q 2018.

Due to mitigation efforts by Canfor Pulp the temporary outage is not expected to have a material impact on the financial condition of the Company. The company will be making a claim under its insurance program.

Canfor Pulp Products Inc. is a leading global supplier of pulp and paper products with operations in the central interior of British Columbia, Canada.