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Tricoya starts construction of wood chip manufacturing plant in the UK

Photo: Tricoya
Photo: Tricoya
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Simon Matthis - 09 Aug 2017

Tricoya Consortium broke ground for the first phase of construction at the site of the world's first Tricoya wood chip acetylation plant at Saltend Chemical Plant, Hull, the UK.

According to a statement, Tricoya acetylated wood elements, including chips, fibres and particles are a “revolution” in modified wood fibre technology.

The plant construction is expected to complete in early 2019, and will provide around 30 permanent jobs and another 130 jobs for the construction period.  

The new plant is being funded, built and operated by consortium of companies formed in March 2017 including Accsys Technologies, BP Ventures, BP Chemicals, Mediate and others.

The Hull Plant is expected to have an initial annual capacity of 30 000 tonnes of acetylated Tricoya woodchips, enough to produce approximately 40 000 m3 of Tricoya panel products per annum.