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Kiev Karton press section rebuilt

Photo: Richard Wheeler/Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Richard Wheeler/Wikimedia Commons
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Simon Matthis - 03 Jul 2017

In August 2016, a complete second hand press section bought in USA arrived in ABK. This complete press section equipped with shoe press was totally revamped and redesigned according to Kiev Karton existing paper machine and technical requirement.

The existing combi press stayed in place. Modification on frame was done. The third existing press nip was replaced by the shoe press section. The felt loop of the existing third press nip was modified into a transfer felt between combi press and shoe press. A new pulper was installed at the end of new press section. The machine is production fluting, liner a top liner with a width of 4,300 mm. The rebuilt allowed an increase of production speed from 400 mpm to 700 mpm.