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Valmet to supply three board machine rebuilds in North America

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Simon Matthis - 23 Jan 2017

Valmet will supply three board machine rebuilds in North America. The customers remain confidential. The goals of the rebuilds are e.g. to increase production and the use of recycled and non-bleached fibers. The start-ups of the rebuilt board machines are scheduled for 2017 and 2018.

The orders are included in Valmet's fourth quarter of 2016 orders received. The value of the orders will not be disclosed. The combined value of these types of orders is typically valued at EUR 20-30 million.

"Due to large installed base of paper and board machines in North America and their ageing technology, the need for machine modernizations is quite constant. In number of cases, important reason for the modernizations is to increase energy and resource efficiency. This is also linked to the growing trend of lightweighting in board production. Additionally our customers want to increase the use of recycled and non-bleached fibers," comments Sales Director Jari Siitonen from Valmet.

All together these three deliveries will include modifications to two stock preparation systems and a modification to approach flow system, a number of modifications to the wet ends of the board machines, including a new headbox, and a rebuilt forming section, a new press section, a press section rebuild and modifications to two dryer sections.